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Systems engineering courses and certificate

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Systems engineering is a multi-disciplinary approach to managing complex projects that require systems thinking in order to take a product, or system, through its lifecycle, from concept to completion. Earning a systems engineering certificate online allows you to understand the way the individual pieces work together.

Examples of the types of projects systems engineers might tackle at work include:

  • Troubleshooting complex systems such as an electric grid, which can involve working with electrical engineers, policy makers, and other constituents to resolve security or performance issues.
  • Managing the complicated process of designing, manufacturing, bringing to market, maintaining, and eventually retiring commercial and military aircraft.
  • Bringing a new drug to market by working across various teams to optimize equipment, ensure safety and reliability, design a smooth production and distribution process, and account for the entire product lifecycle.

Develop foundational skills

Learn the concepts and practices that help systems engineers lead engineering projects from idea through development and production. The certificate is a four-course series that prepares students with the core competencies and skills needed to practice as a systems engineer.

Topics of study include foundations and processes of systems engineering, engineering risk analysis, information technology project management, and engineering program management.

Expand your engineering experience

The Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Practice is designed for students and working professionals in:

  • Aerospace,
  • Technology,
  • Energy,
  • Government,
  • Military,
  • Biosciences and healthcare,
  • Environmental resources, and
  • Engineering related fields.

This certificate provides an introduction to systems engineering concepts and practices.

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