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Mission, Vision, and Values


CSU Online provides affordable access to exceptional online and distance education from a nationally recognized research and engaged university.


We will continue to provide access to an exceptional education; advocate for our students and cultivate their potential; foster the development of educationally excellent, financially viable, affordable instructional programs; support and empower faculty and staff; and maintain a productive working environment shaped by the highest ethical and professional standards.


As a division of Engagement at a land-grant university, we support its mission of outreach, research, and service. For our students, we:

  • Cultivate. We provide prompt service and counsel, fostering a partnership with each student. We help students become a part of the CSU community.
  • Advocate. We put students first, taking the time to thoroughly understand their needs and goals. We do everything we can to create a positive experience throughout their educational journey.
  • Empower. We collaborate with students to ensure they have the information and guidance they need to make sound decisions. We offer encouragement and foster success as they pursue their educational goals.

We embrace the values that provide the foundation for our work as an educational community. At Colorado State University Online, we demonstrate:

  • Accountability. We take responsibility, perform at or beyond expectations, and are reliable.
  • Innovation. We work together to generate and share ideas, make continuous improvements, learn from our failures, and celebrate our successes.
  • Curiosity. We are eager to learn, confident about sharing our knowledge, and welcome opportunities to broaden our understanding of areas inside and outside of our areas of expertise.
  • Communication. We seek to understand others' perspectives, articulate our thinking and decision-making process, treat people with respect, and maintain professionalism.
  • Service. We invest in the success of CSU by seeking what is best for our students, supporting our colleagues, and building on their contributions to our mission of teaching and engagement.
  • Engagement. We cultivate an environment of inclusiveness, tolerance, professionalism, and mutual support.