Online and Distance Undergraduate Programs

Online and Distance Undergraduate programs offered through CSU OnlinePlus

Online/Distance Degrees

Find out how a Colorado State University bachelor’s degree can help you achieve your career goals.

Complete your online undergraduate degree with Colorado State University! Having a bachelor's degree can be the key to both professional advancement and personal satisfaction. Studies consistently show that those with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science earn more money and are more likely to stay employed.

If you've already earned some college credits or completed community college, you may be eligible to finish your bachelor's degree with Colorado State University. We offer online undergraduate degrees in:

Even if you began your college studies in a field that doesn't closely match one of these five degrees, we encourage you to review our admission requirements and contact us to learn more. All five online undergraduate programs require the kind of core coursework that students often complete early on in their college career, so credits you've already earned may meet our eligibility requirements.

For more information about the Agricultural Business, Fire and Emergency Services Administration, or Liberal Arts program, please contact Karin Bright. For more information about the Human Development and Family Studies or Psychology program, please contact Trevor Eyden.

Certificates and Training

Certificates allow you to study a concentrated area without the expense or time commitment of an entire degree program. If you are ready to advance your career or become an expert in an emerging field, a certificate program can help you accomplish your goal. You do not have to be an admitted student to enroll in a certificate program, and you may begin your program at any time.


Online undergraduate courses are a great option if you seek professional or personal advancement without immediately committing to a degree program. They are an excellent opportunity to benefit from the educational resources available at Colorado State University. You do not have to be admitted to the University to take online undergraduate courses.

Online Education and CSU

The online format allows you to maintain your personal life and career schedule while earning the same regionally-accredited CSU degree that a student at the Fort Collins campus is awarded.

How Does Online Education Work?
  • CSU consistently earns top rankings
  • Choose when and where you learn
  • Learn online from on-campus faculty
  • All students pay the same affordable tuition regardless of residency