Natural Sciences Education Master of Natural Sciences Education (M.N.S.E.)

Why Choose CSU?

As a CSU OnlinePlus student, you can expect:

  • Academic excellence: Earn a highly-respected, regionally-accredited degree from a top tier university that consistently earns top rankings.
  • Quality: Because your degree is taught by the same faculty and covers the same content as the on-campus equivalent, your diploma and transcript are identical to those awarded to students on campus.
  • Value: Financial aid is available for all programs, and you pay the same affordable tuition regardless of where you live. CSU is consistently one of the top public universities in the United States in terms of educational quality and affordability.
  • Convenience: You have the flexibility and convenience of taking courses at times and locations that fit your life.
  • Access: Have access to numerous University resources, including email, advising, career services, and library services.
  • Community: Become a part of our community by reading our blog and connecting with other students, alumni, and faculty on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Recognition: Join us for a graduation lunch each spring, participate in the on-campus graduation ceremony, or view a live, online streaming video of graduation ceremonies.

What Next?