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Free Online Courses

What are MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Courses, popularly known as MOOCs, are noncredit courses that provide educational access to the public at no cost. They are typically less immersive than credit courses you would find at a university, offering more generalized content that provides you with a breadth of understanding about a topic. MOOCs feature instructor-driven content with a heavy emphasis on student participation. Student-to-student communication enriches the course with a social aspect, and provides an outlet to share experiences.

How do they work?

When you enroll in a free online course, your level of participation is completely up to you, as there are no formal grades. The courses are broken down into modules. You have the ability to move through every module to complete the course in full, or pick and choose which individual modules most apply to your goals, and complete only those.

Canvas Network: Students who wish to be recognized for completing activities and other projects can receive a Statement of Accomplishment upon request, after successfully completing a brief assessment.

FutureLearn: Students have the option to pay a fee to gain unlimited access to the course, access course tests, and receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the course.

What is the student experience like?

Your interactions with instructors and fellow learners are more community-driven rather than assessment-driven as you would see in a typical college course. Free online classes open the doors to a new learning dynamic that offers remarkable collaborative and conversational opportunities for students from around the world to gather and discuss content.

Because of the social-based platform (connecting via social networks), students not only build community within the course, but are able to create groups outside of the course for opportunities to extend the conversation beyond the "classroom."

Who can take a free online course?

Anyone can take a free online course! You don't have to be admitted to Colorado State University, and you don't have to meet any prerequisites or GPA requirements. Simply enroll, learn, and interact with others.