VMLL 1050 - Post Graduate Medicine III

  • Noncredit

At Colorado State University, Post-graduate Medicine III is the foundation course for clinical internists, large or small, working towards ACVIM certification and a career as an internal medicine specialist. The course is also highly relevant for clinicians from other disciplines, as the great majority of the material is relevant to all aspects of modern veterinary medicine.

The course materials are presented as a series of on-line lectures, with video of presenters, and complete PowerPoint presentations. Notes are provided, together with additional reading material as needed. The course instructors include many of the best known experts in the field today, typically authors of numerous book chapters and frequent presenters at national and international meetings. The quality of the material is excellent, and guaranteed to be invaluable for any internist or specialist.

The four module course covers the fundamentals of medicine and clinical applications in oncology, cardiology, neurology, and ophthalmology. It also extends these discussions to the current literature and translational research. The course is taught by CSU faculty who are recognized throughout the world as the top authorities in the field.


Oncology: This unit consists of lectures on medical and surgical oncology topics, presented by specialists in the field. Topics range from radiation therapy to chemotherapy, biopsy principles and cancer cytology.

Cardiology: This unit consists of lectures on cardiology topics, presented by specialists in the field. Topics range from assessment of cardiac function and electrophysiology of arrhythmias to the use of specific types of drugs for treatment of CHF and other cardiac conditions.

Neurology: This unit consists of lectures on neurology topics, presented by specialists in the field. Select topics include lesion localization, diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as seizures, GME, and myopathy.

Ophthalmology Lectures: This unit begins with a discussion of ocular anatomy and physiology. Applied topics include uveitis, neoplasia, glaucoma, corneal disorders and drugs used to treat these conditions.

For course information, please contact Lori Kogan Lori.Kogan@ColoState.EDU

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

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