STAT 201 - General Statistics

  • 3 credits

Graphs, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, correlation and simple regression, tests of association.

Mathematics placement exam or one credit of 100-level mathematics. Intended as a one-semester terminal course. Credit not allowed for both STAT 201 and STAT 204 (Statistics for Business Students).

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Mathematics (Category 1B) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of Mathematics (GT-MA1).


Grace Ivins

(970) 491-7263 |

Grace is a new member of the statistics department teaching faculty. She received her BA in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma and her Masters in Statistics at CSU. Her focus is on developing classroom strategies that encourage students who lack mathematical confidence to see statistics as a discipline distinct from mathematics and to embrace statistics as a set of valuable life skills. In her spare time Grace enjoys reading just about anything, healthy recipe development, hiking, and weightlifting.