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SPCM 378 - Virtual Workplace Communication

  • 3 credits
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As the economy changes course and technology advances further and further, we find ourselves working with diverse others across projects, space and time. This course examines the interpersonal, organizational and intercultural dimensions and processes 'at work' in distributed/virtual/remote workplaces. Exploring the nature of the web 2.0/3.0 world, we look at emerging forms of technology, work and organization, reflecting on what they mean for us as we go to work in everyday life. As a communication class, this class also examines the meanings we attach to our technological forms of work as they change our expectations of home and work life and ourselves in a culturally, socially and globally interdependent workplace and the communicative skills we need to do good work in these times. Assignments will include online quizzes, three essays, participation in discussion boards, and a group project and report.