SOWK 553 - Multi-Party Conflict Resolution

  • 3 credits
  • Online

Theories, models, and skills required for design and guidance of multi-party conflict resolution in group, community and organizational settings.


SOWK 551 (Fundamentals of Mediation).

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Conflict Management for Managers: Resolving Workplace, Client, and Policy Disputes, 1st Ed. (2013)
    Raines, Susan S.
    ISBN: 978-0470931110
  • Negotiation: Closing Deals, Settling Disputes, and Making Team Decisions*, 1st Ed. (2012)
    Hames, David S.
    ISBN: 978-1412973991
  • The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace (2005)
    Lederach, John Paul
  • The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for . . ., 2nd Ed. (2002)
    Schwarz, Roger
    ISBN: 978-0787947231

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