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SOC 210 - Power of Numbers - Statistics in Sociology

  • 3 credits
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In this course, we will learn how sociological questions can be answered with quantitative data. We will be able to express familiarity with basic concepts, methods, and techniques of statistical analysis in sociology, including descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency and variability, probability, statistical inference, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression. 

We will also learn how to think critically about the statistics prevalent in academic research, as well as everyday life. This is a crucial skill in today’s world where we often encounter statistical data, graphs, polls, and other forms of quantitative data and analysis daily. 

This class draws on video lectures, textbook material, as well as examples and data from real research studies to learn the ins and outs of quantitative data. There are several videos and examples in each module, as well as quizzes and short homework problem sets to practice using concepts and formulas from each chapter. The instructor is available weekly for office hours or can schedule an appointment during a different time to discuss course material and answer questions. 


Completion of AUCC Category 1B or at least 1 credit MATH.