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PSY 453 - Cognitive Psychology Laboratory

  • 2 credits

Exercises in laboratory research in perceptual processes, attention, memory, language, problem solving, and decision making.


PSY 250 (Research Methods in Psychology); PSY 452 (Cognitive Psychology) or concurrent registration


Kade Jentink

My name is Kade, and I'll be your instructor for the Cog Neuro lab! I use fMRI as the primary method for my current projects, which focus on category learning, but the first neuroimaging tool I ever learned how to use was EEG. That makes this class one of my favorite to teach, since we focus on both! I love the details, too, so I like when students have more complicated questions about what really makes these methods work. Anyway! If you like this stuff even a tiny bit as much as I do, you're going to really enjoy the class.