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PSY 152 - Science of Learning

  • 3 credits
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Science of Learning (PSY 152) is a one of a kind course. Much advice exists all over the internet and in popular books for how to improve your learning or to learn faster, but much of the advice that is out there is not grounded in scientific evidence. How do you determine which advice to believe and which advice to discard? That is what this course covers. This course distills the scientific literature on learning into practical strategies that students can immediately begin applying to their own courses as we go along. This course can help you to become a more efficient learner by teaching you how to best spend your time when the amount of time that you have to devote to studying is limited.

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Social/Behavioral Sciences (Category 3C).


Anne Cleary

Dr. Anne Cleary is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Colorado State University who specializes in the study of human memory. Among her many research interests are peculiarities of memory like when a word feels like it is right on the tip of your tongue or when you have a feeling of déjà vu. Dr. Cleary has long had an interest in helping students apply research from the science of learning to their own study habits and practices to become better, more efficient learners. The course Science of Learning (PSY 152) distills the literature on the science of learning into tangible, practical ways that students can enhance their study skills with simple changes to their habits. Together with her CSU colleagues Drs. Matthew Rhodes and Edward DeLosh, she co-authored the textbook for this unique class, A Guide to Effective Studying and Learning: Practical Strategies from the Science of Learning.