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NSCI 696 - Group Study: Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives

  • 3 credits
  • Annenberg Learner

Great advances have been made in the field of biology in recent decades that will continue to have a major impact on our lives. This course explains these developments for teachers of high school biology to update their content knowledge and understanding. The multimedia course materials will help new and veteran biology teachers become familiar with current research methods and tools that will lead to new discoveries in the coming decades.

Thirteen half-hour video programs feature interviews with expert scientists involved in groundbreaking research, such as Eric Lander of the MIT Genomics Center and Rita Colwell, director of the National Science Foundation. Detailed animations provide a micro-level view of biological processes and techniques such as mass spectrometry and microarray analysis. The course guide and interactive website provide learning activities, a reference text, a detailed glossary, annotated animations, and case studies.

Review the course work requirements and the supporting website for more information.

Annenberg Learner (formerly Annenberg Media) funds and distributes multimedia professional development courses and resources to advance excellent teaching in American schools. These educational video programs with coordinated web and text materials help teachers enhance their expertise in their fields and refine their teaching methods. The School of Education at Colorado State University offers graduate credit for teachers enrolled in these professional development courses. Educational video programs with coordinated interactive web and text resources form the basis for these courses and can be accessed at the Annenberg Learner website.

This course has an online component delivered through Canvas.