NSCI 680A6 - Earth Sciences for Educators

  • 3 credits

Foundation in earth sciences for secondary science teachers, emphasizing societal relevance and context. Topics include earth science methods and thinking, plate tectonics, minerals and mineral resources, rock formation and identification, geologic time, systems, the hydrologic cycle and water resources, climate, carbon, and energy.

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Enrollment in MNSE programs. Written consent of instructor.

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Sean Bryan
Sean Bryan


I have a strong interest in geoscience education and geoscience literacy. My research background is in paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, using geologic archives to understand climate and oceanographic variability prior to the instrumental record. The geological record of climate provides important context for recent climate change and benchmarks for the evaluation of climate models used to predict climate in the future. My work towards this goal involves reconstructing climate and ocean conditions using the stable isotope, trace and minor element, and radiocarbon geochemistry of foraminifera, collected from marine sediment cores, and corals. These geochemical proxies provide information about seawater temperatures, seawater chemistry, ocean circulation and carbon cycling at the time that the foraminifera or corals lived.

Learn more at: http://people.warnercnr.colostate.edu/?sean.bryan