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NRRT 320 - International Issues-Recreation and Tourism

  • 3 credits
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Sustainable tourism development requires innovation on a conceptual, process and product level. The role of governmental, business and “third sector” organizations in the sustainable development process and the trends and issues are discussed. Instruments for sustainable tourism development are examined and discussed in case studies (international, national, regional and local). Central issues are sustainability, globalization and intervention strategies. 

Important Information

Instructional Objectives
The following objectives will be met during this course.
• To examine trends and issues in recreation, tourism and sustainable development globally.
• To examine tourism as an instrument in achieving the United Nations Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), geared towards reducing poverty and fostering sustainable development
• To know and apply principles of sustainable development in a case study evaluation
• To generate awareness of concerns stakeholder groups have about sustainable tourism development
• To apply intervention strategies for sustainable tourism product development
• To engage students in the sustainability debate pertinent to trends and issues in global tourism.


Stuart Cottrell
Stuart Cottrell

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Stuart Cottrell is a Professor in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at CSU and coordinator of the undergraduate concentration in Global Tourism. He teaches courses in ecotourism, sustainable tourism development, and tourism research. His research focus includes sustainable tourism development, travel and tourism behavior, visitor impact management, and decision-making in travel and tourism. Research projects involve monitoring the socio-cultural impacts of sustainable tourism development in Europe’s protected areas in Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Romania, Poland, and Sweden. One of the highlights of Dr. Cottrell’s teaching involves the monitoring of diseased corals and volunteer based conservation projects for an NGO in the Bahamas. Stu’s passion is sailing. Early in his career, Stu was Program Director of the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, a marine aquatic program with the Boy Scouts of America in the Florida Keys. He has also run his own sailing charters as a business owner. Currently Stu is a proud owner of a 50-foot classic sailboat with many new waters he looks forward to crossing in the future.