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NR 501 - Leadership and Public Communications

  • 3 credits

Students communicate with people for biodiversity's sake. Students will identify and analyze relevant audiences and will use principles of psychology and communication to effectively listen to and communicate with their audience with the goals of increasing awareness, improving attitudes, and promoting positive behaviors. Students will prepare several written, visual, and oral communication pieces.

This course can be applied toward:



One natural resource management course (NR 100 to 481 - at least 1 course), one communication course and (CO 100 to 481 - at least 1 course or JTC 100 to 481 - at least 1 course or SPCM 100 to 481 - at least 1 course), or consent of instructor.


Heather B. Jackson
Heather B. Jackson

Heather Jackson is a conservation and landscape ecologist with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Louisiana State University. She is interested in research that will help conservation organizations maximize biodiversity protection given limited funds. In addition, her research aims to help researchers and conservation planners to conduct their work at the spatial scales that are most relevant to the species with which they are concerned. Dr. Jackson administers the Conservation Actions with Lands, Animals, and People graduate certificate provided through the Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology department.