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MU 699 - Thesis

  • 1 - 3 credits
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The thesis track (Plan A) provides students with the opportunity to complete research under the guidance of experienced faculty researchers at CSU. This track may be attractive to students whose future goals include conducting clinical research and/or completing a Ph.D. The thesis track requires commitment on the part of the student and also the mentoring faculty. Students are therefore required to invite a faculty advisor for their project who will be their primary contact throughout the thesis process. This guide outlines the process and requirements for completion of the thesis.

Thesis Guidelines:

  • Students wishing to pursue a thesis must first secure a faculty member from music therapy to serve as their thesis advisor. Faculty are not required to agree to be on your thesis committee and are limited in the number of projects they can chair.
  • Students will submit the GS6 as Plan B unless they have an approved pre-proposal. Following the approval of the pre-proposal, students will be considered Plan A.
  • Students will enroll in MU 699 (3 credits) the semester they defend their thesis in order to be graded on the final thesis product and defense.
  • Students will work with their thesis advisor on the pre-proposal, thesis proposal, and final draft - submitting to committee with the approval of their advisor. Once the student has sent the full thesis proposal to the committee, there will be no option to change to Plan B; students will be required to complete the project.
  • Students who complete a thesis will not need to complete the final common exam.
  • Students should maintain realistic expectations for the formation and completion of a thesis. Typically, the thesis adds one year to the student’s program.