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LSPA 346 - Spanish for Health Care

  • 3 credits

LSPA 346 is a course that covers specific linguistic and cultural issues necessary to function in the Hispanic health care world. There is a quickly growing need in the global community and at CSU to be trained in the world of Spanish for Health to be able to communicate with patients and health professionals in Spanish. This course will mostly cover specialized terminology and certain grammar aspects of the language which will be the tools the students need to communicate in medical situations. We will also cover cultural aspects of the Hispanic community, which are a key aspect to be able to fully understand the Spanish speaking patient. By the end of the semester, students will be able to:

  • Communicate appropriately in medical situations in Spanish using mainly the present and past tenses.
  • Ask Spanish-speaking patients personal questions as well as questions about their health.
  • Sustain a conversation about a specific medical problem as presented by a native speaker of Spanish in simple terms.
  • Summarize and explain information after reading articles from medical magazines and websites.
  • Analyze cultural differences regarding the medical field in the Spanish-speaking world.


LSPA 300 (Reading and Writing for Communication-Spanish)