LSPA 201 - Second-Year Spanish II (GT-AH4)

  • 3 credits

Grammar review and extensive practice in conversation, reading, and writing.

Placement exam can substitute for LSPA 200. Credit not allowed for both LSPA 201 and LSPA 228B (Second-Year Spanish II: Abroad).

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Arts/Humanities (Category 3B) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of Foreign Languages (GT-AH4).


LSPA 200 (Second-Year Spanish I (GT-AH4)).


Esther Venable

(970) 491-6298 |

Esther Venable was born and raised in Toledo, Spain and attended the University of Salamanca, Spain where she received two BAs (English and Art History) and completed 32 credits toward her PhD in English. She arrived at CSU in 2000 after working as a lecturer at James Madison University in Virginia for five years. At CSU, she received her MA in Spanish. Since then, she has been teaching Spanish at different levels and was the graduate student teaching supervisor for seven years. Some of her main interests are teaching art and culture in the Spanish language classroom and Spanish for the medical profession. She has taught Medical Spanish at CSU for three years now and is developing a class to target different students’ needs in the medical professional world. Medical Spanish skills are in high demand, and she believes teaching them is a needed service to the academic and professional communities in Fort Collins. By working as a medical interpreter for several years in Virginia and Colorado, she was able to witness this need first hand.