LSPA 201 - Second-Year Spanish II (GT-AH4)

  • 3 credits
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Grammar review and extensive practice in conversation, reading, and writing.

Placement exam can substitute for LSPA 200. Credit not allowed for both LSPA 201 and LSPA 228B (Second-Year Spanish II: Abroad).

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Arts/Humanities (Category 3B) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of Foreign Languages (GT-AH4).


LSPA 200 (Second-Year Spanish I (GT-AH4)).


Andrea Purdy

(970) 491-2888

I have been at Colorado State University since August 1999. I am currently a Special Assistant Professor of Spanish. A native of Parral, Chihuahua , Mexico, I received my Ph.D. in 20th Century Spanish American Literature from Texas Tech University in 1987. My many areas of interest include: contemporary Spanish American prose, issues in culture, translation and interpreting, as well as the teaching of reading and writing skills. I have also worked extensively as a translator for the Department of Justice and other organizations.

I am also the co-director of the 2nd and 3rd year language program as well as the Language and Culture Studies Center director.

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