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JTC 460 - Senior Capstone

  • 3 credits
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Integration and reflection for seniors with a career component that will prepare them for the job market.

In a 16-week semester, you should expect to spend about 6-9 hours each week on schoolwork. Meanwhile, in an 8-week semester, you should expect to spend about 12-18 hours per week on course content.


JTC 326; JTC 420 or JTC 422 or JTC 425 or JTC 430 or JTC 433 or JTC 435 or JTC 440 or JTC 451 or JTC 470 or JTC 472.; 27 additional credits of JTC courses


Jesse Grace

Jesse Grace is an experienced educator in Media Communication, with 10 years of experience in video production, marketing, and news-related roles. Jesse is an Emmy-nominated video producer, holding a Master's degree in Public Communication and Technology from CSU's Journalism and Media Communication department. She has been teaching at CSU since 2016.  

Jesse has production experience in a multitude of video genres, having produced educational content for the National Park Service, directed and produced PBS documentaries, and created marketing and PR videos for CSU departments. Most recently, her documentary "CO-Existing with Wildfire" aired on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2023 and is available for viewing on the RMPBS website.  

Growing up in South Africa, Jesse infuses her diverse background into her teaching style while emphasizing skills needed to secure jobs and find work worldwide. She is committed to fostering engaging, high-quality online courses, providing students with a comprehensive gateway into the captivating world of visual communication and video editing.  

Outside of CSU, she is an outdoor enthusiast and certified Yoga and meditation teacher. Always up for an adventure, Jesse is passionate about experiencing different cultures while traveling the world. She loves mountain biking, backpacking, scuba diving, cultivating her own vegetables, and occasionally attempting to surf.

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