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HORT 579 - Mass Spectrometry Omics- Methods and Analysis

  • 3 credits
  • Online

A survey of experimental designs and workflows to generate, computationally process and analyze metabolite and protein data using mass spectrometry. Specific topics include reviewing the role of the omics in systems biology and chemical ontologies, fundamentals of chromatography and mass spectrometry, GC-MS and LC-MS metabolomics, LC-MS proteomics, mass spectrometry data processing, and statistical analysis and interpretation of data. Course activities includes lecture, computer tutorials and labs, literature review, and exercises to develop an experimental design in metabolomics and/or proteomics. The computer labs are hands-on activities that provide chemical data and the necessary tools to process, analyze, and relate the data to biology.

Learning Objectives
1. Analyze and explain the mechanisms through which mass spectrometry techniques are used to detect metabolites and proteins.
2. Analyze and interpret chemoinformatics and statistics used to generate quantitative information in a metabolite experiment.
3. Perform computational analysis of mass spectrometry datasets and interpret the data.
4. Evaluate and critique existing and planned experimental designs that include metabolite and protein detection and analysis.
5. Synthesize information in scientific literature and develop hypotheses and experimental designs in the field of metabolomics and proteomics.
6. Develop and demonstrate critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills.


BC 351 (Prerequisite); Senior Standing; Credit not allowed for both HORT 579 and HORT 581A3