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HIST 359 - American Women's History Since 1800

  • 3 credits
Through a study of 1st Wave Feminism (1850s-1920), 2nd Wave Feminism (1960s/70s), 3rd Wave Feminism (1990s and beyond), 21st century feminism, and current issues facing women today including #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #SayHerName, this course will examine the institutionalized and systemic practices that have perpetuated inequality (even in the face of legal equality) and the historical contestations for women’s rights. Challenging a monolithic history of “Women” and with an explicit focus on BIPOC women, immigrant women, working class women, and LGBTQ+ folx, this course will explore the stories and voices that have often been left out of (or less centered in) the historical record and how elevating these voices and contributions both challenge and change our understanding of the past. Ultimately, we will consider how gender roles and discourses of gender have been historically constructed and how they continue to inform debates, stereotypes, and assumptions today—how did we get here, how have things changed, and how have they stayed the same?


HIST 100 - 499XX - at least 3 credits; Completion of 45 credits

Textbooks and Materials

Section 801


  • Born for Liberty (1997)
    Evans, Sara
    ISBN: 9780684834986


  • Free Joan Little: The Politics of Race, Sexual Violence, and Imprisonment (2022)
    Greene, Christina
    ISBN: 978-1469671314
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore
  • Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts (2021)
    Hall, Rebecca
    ISBN: 978-1982115197
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore
  • All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake (2021)
    Miles, Tiya
    ISBN: ? 978-1984854995
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore
  • Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology (2017)
    Owens, Deirdre Cooper
    ISBN: 978-0820351353
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore
  • Reproduction on the Reservation: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Colonialism (2019)
    Theobald, Brianna
    ISBN: ? 978-1469653167
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.

In addition to the required text, students will choose and read one of the optional texts. All texts will be available via course eReserve.