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FSHN 445 - Early Childhood Health, Safety, and Nutrition

  • 3 credits
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Socioemotional development in children and the influence of biology and socialization within diverse family, school and cultural contexts. Evidence-based practices for helping professionals who will serve children ages 3-8.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Explain and apply theories of social and emotional development in preschool and early elementary-aged children (ages 3-8).
  • Summarize and apply research on socialization and socioemotional development during childhood.
  • Apply socioemotional processes and theory to a topic of interest in the field of child development.
  • Synthesize evidence-based practices for young children that help prevent challenging behaviors while fostering adaptive social skills and emotion regulation.
  • Evaluate evidence-based practices for inclusion of young children with socioemotional or behavioral health differences.
  • Summarize information on child maltreatment etiology, outcomes, and intervention and evaluate the effectiveness of child welfare and intervention programs for maltreated youth.


HDFS 310 (Infant and Child Development in Context); Completion of 60 credits. Credit not allowed for both FSHN 445 and HDFS 445

Important Information

All prerequisites must be completed or consent from the instructor given prior to enrollment.

If you register for this course after the start of the term, please contact the instructor at the time of registration. By contacting the instructor, students ensure they are added to the CANVAS section as soon as possible and have access to the course and details about the class requirements.

Textbooks and Materials

Please check the CSU Bookstore for textbook information. Textbook listings are available at the CSU Bookstore about 3 weeks prior to the start of the term.


Day Halsey
Day Halsey

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Day Halsey is a Senior Instructor faculty member in the Human Development and Family Studies Department at CSU. She has taught HDFS courses at CSU since 2007. Her interests include early childhood development and education, creativity development, and 21st century learning and environments.

Michelle Manson, MS, RDN
Michelle Manson, MS, RDN

Michelle Manson is a registered dietitian nutritionist and instructor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University. She has professional experience in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, education, and online curriculum development at the graduate and undergraduate level. Her interests include health promotion through food, chronic disease prevention, food security, food safety, and optimizing learning and engagement in online courses. She has been teaching and developing online courses since 2011.