FESA 435 - Volunteer/Combination Organization Management

  • 3 credits
  • Online

Development and management of fire and emergency service organizations with volunteer and combination resources. Course examines the role of volunteer/combination organizations, critical issues impacting these organizations, development and maintenance of volunteers, and the special administrative and leadership issues surrounding management of combination organizations.

This course can be applied toward:


FESA 432 (Fire and Emergency Services Budgeting); FESA 433 (Fire and Emergency: Human Resources).

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • A Leadership Guide for Combination Fire Departments (2008)
    Windisch, F. & Crosby, F.
  • A Leadership Guide for Volunteer Fire Departments, 4th Ed. (2011)
    Snook, Jack W.
    ISBN: 978-0763742072