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FACS 320 - Finance - Personal and Family

  • 3 credits

Management of income, expenditures, credit, savings, investment, insurance, taxes, and assets considering legislation and economic conditions.

Top 10 Reasons to Take FACS 320:
1: 53% of adults are financially anxious
2: Two in three families lack an emergency fund
3: 78% of adults live paycheck to paycheck
4: Three in five adults don’t keep a budget
5: Four in five youths failed a financial literacy quiz
6: 27 states scored a C, D, or F for high school financial literacy
7: 54% of millennials are concerned about student loans
8: 60% of adults had credit card debt in the past year
9: Four in five adults experience barriers to homeownership
10: Fewer than one in five adults is confident in savings

What students say about the on-line class and the instructor:
"I'm loving the class. My favorite by far! These Nearpod things are great, I wish more professors used them."
"Everything has been great! I very much appreciate how organized you are as a teacher, and this has been an amazing class so far."
"I am enjoying the videos and the hands-on experience which is helpful for me to learn better."
"You are doing a wonderful job. I can't thank you enough for how "easy-going" and comprehendible the information is!"
"Things are great! Thank you for teaching this class. I feel like I'm learning so much valuable information and I'm excited to learn more."
"I think you are great! I appreciate how organized and thorough you are because it makes the class so much easier to work through."