F 575 - Monitoring for Advanced Silviculture

  • 2 credits

Best practices and principles for evaluating forest management effectiveness at various scales across the landscape.

Important Information

Students must be accepted to the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Silviculture for the Practicing Forester, have a minimum of a bachelor's degree, and a basic understanding of forest ecology.

Graduate ONLY


Seth Ex
Seth Ex

(970) 491-5913 | seth.ex@colostate.edu

Seth Ex is Assistant Professor of Silviculture and Forest Vegetation Management at Colorado State University (CSU). His work is focused on addressing basic and applied research questions relevant to stand-level management of Western forests and woodlands. Areas of research emphasis include forest fuel hazard management, and management of natural and artificial tree regeneration in the context of silvicultural systems. Seth has two advanced degrees in Forest Science from CSU (PhD 2014, MS 2011), and a BS in Forestry from Utah State University (2009). He is originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and came to the interior West by way of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, where his involvement in conservation work and timber harvesting in bark beetle affected boreal spruce forests ultimately led him into forestry.

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