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F 571 - Applied Forest Ecology

  • 2 credits

Concepts and theory of stand dynamics in relation to advanced ecological concepts within the Rocky Mountain Region and Intermountain West and applications of these concepts to natural disturbance-based management.


F 311 (Forest Ecology)

Textbooks and Materials

We will have required readings that will typically be posted on Canvas. There will be exceptions where students are expected to find the resources online. Further, there are a number of videos which will either be posted to Canvas or are linked in the descriptions.


Ethan Bucholz
Ethan Bucholz

Ethan Bucholz is the Academic Liaison and Experiential Learning Specialist for WCNR and the Colorado State Forest Service. He enjoys working with foresters and academics to provide guidance in science-based silvicultural practices, specifically considering preparing Colorado forests for climate change. He holds a BS in natural resources from The University of the South, an MS in forestry from North Carolina State University and a PhD in forest science from Northern Arizona University.