EGBB 3004 - 3D Printing Additive Processing II

  • Noncredit
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Please complete EGBB 3001, EGBB 3002, and EGBB 3003 before starting this module. In this module you will learn the details of the AM process and workflow – how you can start with an idea and end up with a finished object in your hand. You will also take a closer look at some of the pros, cons and variations of some of the more important AM technologies. You will learn about the Personal Printer Revolution and the history and main components of the “Rep-rap” style 3D printer that made it possible. Literally dozens of low-cost, high-capability 3D printers are now available virtually everywhere, even Home Depot, at prices as low as $350. This is now making it possible for anyone with a vision and desire to make things.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Please note that there are no refunds for open entry courses.

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David Prawel, Ph.D.

Dr. David Prawel has enjoyed a 30+ year career as an entrepreneur, consultant and educator in 3D technology and digital product development. He helped build 6 startup companies, with one successful IPO and (hopefully) one in the works. He specializes in helping turn great ideas into successful commercial products. He has helped build 6 startup companies, with one successful IPO and one in the works. He is founder and president at Longview Advisors Inc., consulting worldwide for dozens of manufacturers and 3D technology innovators. In 2008 he returned part-time to academics, joining Colorado State University, where he teaches 3D printing and researches biomaterials. In 2013, he founded the Idea-2-Product ( 3D printing Laboratory at CSU, a public-access center for 3D printing, scanning and fabrication. He is founder and chair of the 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (, now in its twelfth year.

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