EDUC 693C - Seminar-Teacher Licensure Capstone

  • 2 credits

This course is seminar format and is the capstone for the Teacher Licensure program.

This course can be applied toward:


Graduate or professional standing only.

Important Information

Students must be accepted into the Teacher Licensure/Master of Education program to take this class.

For questions or concerns contact Juliana Searle ( with the Center for Educator Preparation at (970) 491-5292.


Derek Decker

(970) 491-6677 |

Derek Decker is an advisor and instructor for Colorado State University’s School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation. He is an advisor to students going through teacher licensure and teaches EDUC 350 which is the second phase of licensure. He also instructs part of EDUC 340 Literacy and the Learner and is the lead instructor for EDUC 350. He has also been instructing EDUC 619 Curriculum Design via online.

Jennifer M. Castor

Wendy Fothergill

(970) 491-5292 |

Jody L. Drager

(970) 491-5292 |

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