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ECE 523 - Electronic Properties of Materials

  • 3 credits

 Introduction to the electronic properties of materials, including band structures, quantum mechanics and optical characteristics.


MATH 340 (Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations Mathematics) or or MATH 345. Senior standing


Diego Krapf

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Diego Krapf was born in Rosario, Argentina. During his Ph.D. research he worked on infrared optics on nanostructured materials. Then, Prof. Krapf joined the research group of Prof. Cees Dekker in the Netherlands where he focused on single-molecule biophysics using solid-state nanopores. Since August 2007, he serves as a faculty member in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Colorado State University. Prof. Krapf is also a core faculty member in the School of Biomedical Engineering and in the School of Advanced Materials Discovery. His current research interests include stochastic processes and cellular biophysics at the single-molecule level, with particular emphasis on membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics.