BZ 440 - Plant Physiology

  • 3 credits

Functions and activities of plants.

This course can be applied toward:


BZ 120 (Principles of Plant Biology) or LIFE 103 (Biology of Organisms - Animals and Plants).

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Fundamentals of Plant Physiology, 1st Ed. (2018)
    Taiz, L., Zeiger, E., Moller, I., and Murphy, A.
    ISBN: 978-1605357904


Elizabeth Pilon-Smits

(970) 491-4991 |

Dr. Elizabeth Pilon-Smits ( holds a tenured position as Professor in the Biology Department at Colorado State University. Her research interests are in phytoremediation (environmental cleanup using plants), biofortification and elemental hyperaccumulation. Current research in the Pilon-Smits lab focuses on Stanleya pinnata selenium hyperaccumulation and hemp phytoremediation/biofortification. Dr. Pilon-Smits received her Biology M.S and Ph.D. degrees from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in 1987 and 1992, respectively, followed by two years of postdoctoral research at the same institution. From 1994-1998 she was a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley. Since 1998 she has been on the faculty at CSU where she teaches face-to-face courses in Plant Physiology (BZ 440 lecture and BZ 441 lab) and in Phytoremediation (BZ 572), and online courses in Plant Physiology (BZ 440-801) and Hemp Biology (BZ 581-A1).