BZ 101 - Humans and Other Animals (GT-SC2)

  • 3 credits

Characteristics of animals, their evolution and diversity; humans considered as an animal. Upon completion of this course, students will have knowledge of basic biological concepts and characteristics fundamental to all living systems. They will understand organization of the human body and organ system functions, and will have learned the features characteristic of major animal phyla.

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Biological/Physical Sciences (Category 3A) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of Natural and Physical Sciences without Lab (GT-SC2).

This course can be applied toward:


Credit not allowed for students who have already taken BZ 110 (Principles of Animal Biology) (GT-SC2) or LIFE 102 (Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1) or LIFE 103 (Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants).

Textbooks and Materials

Instructor requires text located here.

Hardcopy of textbook is optional: Inquiry Into Life, 15th edition by Mader and Windelspecht, 2016.


Karen Raines

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Karen Raines received her B.S. in Biology at Texas Wesleyan University, her M.S. in Biology at the University of Texas at Arlington and her Ph.D. in Zoology at Colorado State University . She currently teaches several undergraduate courses in the Biology department and has received numerous teaching awards.