BUS 662 - International Business

  • 2 credits

  • BUS 662 will not be offered during the Summer 2019 semester, but it will be offered during the fall. Registration for the Fall 2019 semester begins on May 1, 2019. Please check back at that time for more information.

Knowledge and skills for managing multinational corporations, dealing with different cultures and leading a global work force.

Embanet Software is required. Book information is posted on Embanet as well. Class icons will appear approximately one week before the term begins. For questions regarding Embanet contact Elisa Lilly at (800) 491-4522 x3 or elisa.lilly@mail.biz.colostate

This course can be applied toward:


Admission to the M.B.A. program.

Important Information

Military, veterans, federal, and state employees must contact the MBA Advisors to receive the tuition reduction code prior to registering. Students must be admitted to the MBA Program to receive this discount. Reduction of tuition will not be given if you do not provide the appropriate code at the time of enrollment. Call (800) 491-4622 ext. 4 or email MBAadvisor@business.colostate.edu for assistance.


Dr. Asad Aziz

(970) 491-6842 | Asad.Aziz@colostate.edu

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