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BSPM 361 - Elements of Plant Pathology

  • 3 credits
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To develop an understanding of the major concepts and principles of plant pathology, to become familiar with several important plant pathogens and be able to determine the most efficient, environmentally sound methods of disease control. 

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Introduce students to the basic principles and concepts of plant pathology.
  2. Familiarize students with the basic vocabulary of plant pathology and plant disease management
  3. Introduce and illustrate the major groups of organisms that cause plant diseases.
  4. Enhance student's understanding of scientific research, especially as it applies to the science of plant pathology and the study of microorganisms.
  5. Explain the impact of plant disease on human affairs.
  6. Prepare students for additional classes in Plant Pathology and related disciplines.
  7. Provide a framework that students can use in their profession to best approach plant disease management.
  8. Improve the written and oral communication skills of students through class, group and individual projects.


BZ 104 (Basic Concepts of Plant Life (GT-SC2) or BZ 120 or HORT 100 or LIFE 102.). Credit not allowed for both BSPM 361 and BSPM 355B

Textbooks and Materials

Section 801


  • Essential Plant Pathology, 2nd Ed.
    Schumann, Gail and D'Arcy, Cleora
    ISBN: 978-0890543818

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.