BMS 310 - Anatomy for the Health Professions

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This course is designed to meet the anatomy prerequisite for students who are applying for admission to health profession programs. Most students taking this course will have an undergraduate degree and will be in the process of a career change. Distance Anatomy is a one-semester course with a virtual laboratory. It will emphasize the concepts that are a necessary groundwork for courses the student will take in his/her professional studies.

Distance Human Anatomy contains the same major subject and content areas as traditional human anatomy courses taught on campus. However, all course material is on the web or purchased through the CSU bookstore. The lectures are available via streaming video. Lecture notes, reading objectives, and assigned problems will be in Canvas. Communication with the instructor will be by both email and phone. The lab is accomplished at a distance using a human prosection guide and virtual human cadaver software.

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This course requires the use of electronic proctoring through ProctorU, please see for detailed instructions.  For students requiring accommodations, please contact Resources for Disabled Students; for consideration of exceptions outside the scope of RDS, please contact the University Testing Center


One semester of college-level biology.

Important Information

This course does not replace BMS 301 - Human Gross Anatomy for admitted CSU students.

You have four months from the date your registration was processed to complete BMS 310. If you do not complete the course in this timeframe, you may contact the instructor for a 10-week extension.

If you drop the course within 20 calendar days of your registration date, you will receive a 100% refund of course tuition and fees, and the course will not appear on your transcript.

After the 20-day drop period, you may withdraw from BMS 310 up until 43 calendar days from the date that your registration was processed. If you withdraw from the course, you will not receive any refund of course tuition and fees and a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) will appear on your transcript.

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Essential Clinical Anatomy, 5th Ed.
  • Human Anatomy Lecture Notes
  • The Virtual Edge - Human Prosection Guide
  • The Visible Human Dissector (VHD) software
    Touch of Life Technologies


  • Atlas of Human Anatomy OR
  • Color Atlas of Anatomy
    Rohen and Yokochi

While you can purchase the Essential Clinical Anatomy text and the Atlas from any bookstore, The Virtual Edge - Human Prosection Guide,Human Anatomy Lecture Notes, and the software are only available through the Colorado State University Bookstore.


Mark Frasier

(970) 420-2499 | Mark.Frasier@ColoState.EDU

Mark Frasier is the primary developer of the human gross anatomy program at Colorado State University. As an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, he was responsible for teaching and coordinating undergraduate courses in gross human anatomy and advanced human dissection. Mr. Frasier was the director and major advisor for the Human Anatomy master’s program as well as advisor for Anatomy’s minor’s program. He has lectured and published in the scientific literature in the area of anatomy and dissection, as well as conducting workshops on innovative teaching techniques and styles for students of anatomy. Students selected Mr. Frasier as the Best Professor on Campus, and his class as the Best Class on Campus in 1997 and 2001. He has received numerous honors and awards for his teaching excellence.

Kenny Ivie Jr.

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