BIOM 574 - Bio-Inspired Surfaces

  • 3 credits

Analysis of surface functionalities of various biological species; identification of design principles.

This course can be applied toward:


CHEM 111 (General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)); MECH 342 (Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Flow Processes). Credit not allowed for both BIOM 574 and MECH 574.

Important Information

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Arun Kota

Arun Kota joined mechanical engineering at CSU as an Assistant Professor in 2013. Leveraging his diverse education and training in multiple fields, he pursues highly interdisciplinary and innovative research that spans across materials, mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineering with a focus on both fundamental and applied aspects of surface and interfacial science. By systematically tailoring the surface nanostructure or hierarchical structure and surface or interfacial energy, his research attempts to understand and design novel superhydrophobic surfaces, superomniphobic surfaces, icephobic surfaces, chemically patterned surfaces, stimuli-responsive surfaces, paper-based microfluidic devices, bio-compatible surfaces, and other bio-inspired surfaces for a wide variety of applications.

Arun Kota has three patents and 20+ publications, which are cited 1000+ times. His work was highlighted by Nature, Bloomberg TV, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, ACS News, NASA Tech Briefs, Chemical & Engineering News, and several other newspapers, magazines, and websites. He received the Best Science Paper Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers in 2014 and the Teaching Excellence Award from the School of Biomedical Engineering at CSU in 2016.

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