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AREC 586B - New Venture Launch Practicum: Communicate, Design, and Iterate

  • 2 credits
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Team-based development of a new venture or innovation focusing on co-creation of value. Four main areas of competency--(1) entrepreneurial mindset and teamwork; (2) technology and product development; (3) communication and substantiation of value; and (4) business strategy and execution--are developed and demonstrated in the process of preparing to launch a new venture or innovation in the agricultural, food, or related industries.


AREC 586A (New Venture Launch Practicum: Explore and Validate Value Proposition or concurrent registration.)


Gregory Perry

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Dr. Greg Perry’s research activity has been wide ranging, but generally fits under the general category of farm management. He has published numerous articles in the area of farm equipment depreciation. The results have become the standard for calculating depreciation by engineers, economists, and others. He is interested in expanding that work into the area of farm equipment repair costs. Another area of work early in his career related to taxes and their impact on the competitive position of U.S. farmers.
Dr. Perry has worked nearly 30 years on water issues in the West, with particular focus on helping farmers identify best management practices to improve water quality and quantity. Much of this work was in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, so he is interested in learning more about water issues in Colorado and the Intermountain West.
Dr. Perry has also had a long-standing interest in undergraduate and graduate programs in agricultural economics. He is interested in trends within the profession, such as student enrollments, number of faculty in academic positions, evaluating program quality, and identifying ways to improve student learning.

Gregory Graff

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