AGRI 698 - Research

  • 1 - 6 credits

Students enroll in this course when they are planning and conducting their thesis research or professional paper development.


Barbara Wallner

(970) 491-6332 |

Ph.D. Educational Administration and M.Ed. Educational Administration, The Pennsylvania State University; B.S. Biology, Iowa State University.

Barbara Wallner is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University and a Master of Agriculture faculty member. Dr. Wallner has 20+ years of experience in public and higher education with expertise in educational delivery; assessment and evaluation (standards and competencies); curriculum writing, mapping, and accountability; educational governance; and policy development, analysis, and implementation. She has done research in areas including muscle biology, education, and most recently using competencies and self-assessment to facilitate long-term healthy weight management as part of the Crops for Health® program and Cancer Prevention Lab at CSU.