AGRI 639 - Products to Profit

  • 3 credits

This course focuses on marketing and all aspects of the enterprise, including the production, land and forage resources. All potential products and marketing opportunities at different stages of production are discussed. The various benefits and costs of different marketing alternatives are explored. Students learn how to evaluate different marketing alternatives and compare them to operational objectives to arrive at the best available marketing decision.

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W. Marshall Frasier
W. Marshall Frasier

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Dr. Marshall Frasier's research interests focus on the interface between agricultural production and the natural resource base upon which it relies. Historically, he has done significant work in water allocation and water quality as they relate to agricultural production. More recently, he is expanding his emphasis in livestock and grazing management as consistent with his long-held relationship with Integrated Resource Management. Finally, he is developing an emerging interest in formal evaluation and development of curricular and extracurricular programs for undergraduate students.