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Drone Training Program

Certificate Overview

Learn from experienced instructors and get the training you need to pass the FAA Part 107 test.

The Colorado State University Professional Education Drone Training Program aims to assist current and aspiring drone pilots with ground training and preparation for drone licensing. Students have a variety of course options to choose from depending on their level of interest and goals.

Our test prep courses fully comply with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations and provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pass the FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot test.

For students who enroll in our four-day course, they will also have the opportunity to gain ground training and hands-on flying experience. For our more experienced drone pilots, we also offer advanced courses for first responders and those interested in mapping.

Our 2-week online course offers the flexibility to dive into the material on your own, while also providing six structured, live review sessions with the Instructors. Students will have the unique opportunity to connect with fellow students and the Instructors in these live, synchronous sessions to ask questions and go over the many details and intricacies that are part of Part 107 study prep.

Our drone instructors have undergone certification by the FAA, field and safety training, and have real-world sUAS mission experience.

Topics of Discovery Include:

  • sUAS pilot training
  • Liaison and navigation of FAA rules and guidelines
  • Flight safety
  • FAA Part 107 test preparation
  • Hands-on flight training
  • Virtual flight simulator
  • Part 107 test access* (Location dependent)
  • Drone technology and parts basics
  • The ‘rules of the sky’
  • The drone uses outside of leisure
  • Mapping
  • First responder training

About the CSU Drone Center

CSU Professional Education has partnered with the CSU Drone Center to build this program. The center offers consultation on drone systems, UAS project guidance, UAS piloting and pilot training, liaison and navigation of FAA regulations, and is a point of contact for UAS inquiries from outside the University.