Teacher Education

Additional Resources for Aspiring Teachers

Educator Preparation Programs in Colorado

Visit the Colorado Department of Education website to learn more about approved educator preparation programs in Colorado not offered through CSU. Once you have completed an approved program, apply for initial educator licenses to teach for the first time in Colorado.

Become a Teacher in the United States

Learn about teacher licensing and certification requirements in each state and link to individual state Departments of Education to learn more about these requirements.

Substitute Authorizations in Colorado

Individuals who strive to serve as day-to-day substitute teachers in any Colorado school district must complete a substitute authorization. While coursework offered at CSU may apply toward one, three, and five year substitution authorizations and renewals, the authorization process is completed through the Colorado Department of Education. Visit the substitute authorizations page for more information.

Alternative Licenses

Alternative licenses are for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree or higher and want to prepare to be a teacher or principal, but have not completed an approved preparation program. Alternative teacher licensing programs are offered statewide, with candidates teaching full-time under the supervision of a professional support team while completing an alternative program offered by a designated agency.

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