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Added Endorsement Questions

What is an added endorsement?

As stated on the Colorado Department of Education website:

"Educators seeking to add a second or subsequent endorsement area to their valid Colorado Teacher or Special Services Provider Licenses may do so by completing a state-approved program at an accepted, regionally accredited college or university and passing the associated content exam; by completing at least 24 hours of relevant college coursework (as determined by transcript review); or by passing the appropriate Colorado State Board of Education-approved content exam."

The courses offered through Colorado State University will assist you in pursuit of the option in bold.

Are these courses pre-approved by the state to meet content requirements within individual endorsements?

No. The Colorado Department of Education is the sole issuer of added endorsements, not CSU, and is the authority on how coursework, experience, and professional development apply to content areas. Coursework listed by endorsement area are only suggestions; you will need to submit an added endorsement application to the Colorado Department of Education to learn if your cumulative accomplishments in coursework, experience, professional development, and testing apply to your content area. As part of this application process, it is your job to prove your competency in the endorsement area you seek to the CDE.

Who issues the added endorsement?

The Colorado Department of Education.

What is the submission process for consideration by The Colorado Department of Education?

To add an endorsement to your Colorado teaching license, you must complete at least 24 hours of relevant coursework (see endorsement worksheets for specific requirements), or pass the appropriate approved content exam. Visit the CDE added endorsement page and scroll to the bottom of the screen to apply, or visit the CDE application directly.

When applying for an added endorsement through CDE, you will be expected to describe to the department how your experience (course credit, professional development, work experience, school/district in-service, etc.) meets the requirements and expectations listed within the endorsement. Plan to detail your background and persuade the CDE that those experiences have given you the breadth and depth required for the given content area.

Does CDE have further resources?

Yes. Please see their FAQ for more information.

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