Writing for Graduate School

The ability to clearly and articulately express your ideas through writing is one of the most valuable skills you need for graduate school. Even if you aren’t required to complete a thesis, writing is an important part of most programs. It is also a fundamental skill that will benefit you throughout your career.

Master's degree programs are academically rigorous, and one common hurdle new graduate students face is dealing with the transition from undergraduate-level writing standards to graduate-level standards. This course will help you brush up on your written communication skills so you can enter into graduate studies with greater confidence.

Writing for Graduate School is a free, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) created by CSU to teach you essential composition techniques and give you writing tips. This self-paced course covers:

  • The academic writing process, from developing ideas to revising your work.
  • Common graduate writing activities, including self-reflections, abstracts, and journal reviews.
  • MLA and APA style, including proper formatting and citations.
  • Finding, evaluating, and citing academic sources.
  • Helpful tips on how to make your writing better.

What is a MOOC?

Massive Open Online Courses, popularly known as MOOCs, are noncredit, student-interaction-based programs that provide educational access to the public at no cost. They are typically less immersive than credit courses you would find at a university, offering more generalized content that is meant to provide you with a breadth of understanding across the subject matter. MOOCs feature instructor-driven content with a heavy emphasis on student participation. This student-to-student communication creates knowledge and discoveries that enrich the course with a social aspect and shared experiences.

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