Science of Relationships


Your level of participation is completely up to you as there are no formal grades. The Science of Relationships free online course is divided into eight modules. You have the ability to move through all of the modules to complete the course in full, or pick and choose which individual modules most interest you, and complete only those.

  1. Formative influences
    • Attachment
    • Family relationships
    • Friendships
  2. Attraction
    • Physical attraction
    • Flirting/relationship initiation
    • Mate selection
  3. Relationship development
    • Young adult relationships
    • Dating/relationship progression
    • Long-term relationships
  4. Relationship maintenance
    • Intimacy, satisfaction, and commitment
    • Conflict and communication
    • Social support and health
  5. Relationship processes
    • Beliefs and values: Thinking about relationships
    • Sex
    • Power
  6. Relationship transgressions and stress
    • Jealously and infidelity
    • Violence and abuse
    • Parenting
  7. Other intimate relationship types
    • Same-sex relationships
    • Extradyadic relationships
    • Friends with benefits
  8. Relationship dissolution
    • Separation from loved ones
    • Ending relationships
    • Divorce

Students who wish to be recognized for completing activities and other projects can receive a Statement of Accomplishment upon request based on a minimum level of competencies achieved.

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