Faculty Resources

Managing Your Information

My Account services include:

Student Information


You can change your email address or password at anytime in the "Personal Information" tab of My Account. Only one email address is allowed per person.

Personal Information

Your information and mailing address can be updated at any time. Update your mailing address under the "Address" tab.

Registrations / Account Information

Account Balance

Your account balance is available under the "Registration History" tab in My Account. The balance applies to only noncredit course transactions.

Registration History

You can view your complete noncredit registration history with CSU Online under the "Registration History" tab.

Only pending credit registrations (those that still need to be processed by Enrollment Services) are shown here. Use RAMweb to view your current credit class schedule.

Completed Certificates

View a complete list of certificates earned through CSU Online under the "Registration History" tab.

Email Preferences

You can opt in to receive email updates under the "Email Preferences" tab. If you'd no longer like to receive email updates, you can unsubscribe here.

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