Maureen Donnelly

Associate Professor, CSU

Maureen DonnellyDr. Maureen (Mo) Donnelly is an associate professor in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at CSU. Her research efforts have contributed to the advancement of theory and practice in the conceptual areas of norms, values, outdoor recreation conflict, specialization, and substitutability. In addition, results from her research projects have provided managers with information that has assisted them in monitoring the quality of visitor experiences and setting carrying capacities for visitor use of natural resource areas—including a wide variety of protected areas. Over the years, she has worked with students on the concept of sense of place and how that can add to or detract from tourism opportunities.

Mo teaches the capstone undergraduate courses in tourism planning and tourism impacts and is one of the lead faculty liaisons between the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Colorado ski industry. Mo provides decades of connections across the Colorado tourism industry, the west, and North America. Mo is also an expert on event-based tourism through her personal passion for dog shows, where she has raised and competed with several award-winning schnauzers.