Tourism Management Master of Tourism Management (M.T.M.)

Career Opportunities

If you're inspired by the outdoors and would like to align who you are with what you do, the tourism industry offers many options for shifting into a career in tourism or advancing into management.

Tourism and travel jobs data

In recent years, the travel and tourism industry has experienced above average job growth. According to the US Travel Association, travel-related jobs increased by 20% between 2010 and 2017, compared to a 12% average job growth for the rest of the private sector. As of 2017, the US Travel Association also estimates that approximately 15.3 million jobs in the United States are currently supported by the travel industry.

Now is an excellent time to start pursuing a new career or advancement opportunity in tourism. Jobs in the field are expected to grow in the future, creating increased demand for talented professionals. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that 23% of new jobs created over the next ten years will be supported by the travel and tourism sector.

Travel industry careers

Colorado State's unique online tourism degree can help you gain a competitive career advantage with employers specializing in:

  • Hospitality and resort management
  • Outdoor and adventure travel
  • Tourism management
  • Destination management or marketing
  • Event management
  • Cruise management
  • Agri-tourism
  • Parks and recreation

Gain the skills to start your own tourism venture

For those in the more entrepreneurial mindset, the skills gained through completing this program will also prepare you to start your own tourism enterprise. Business course electives in marketing strategy and planning, managing human capital, supply chain management, and others are integrated with tourism-specific coursework. Tourism courses range in topics that include sustainable tourism management, quantitative analysis in tourism, natural resource management in tourism, and more, to provide a comprehensive skill-set for any business owner looking to succeed in tourism.

What Next?

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