Student Affairs in Higher Education Master of Science (M.S.) in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Requirements and Curriculum


You are required to complete 45 graduate credit hours. During the course of study, there are two practicum experiences that challenge you to apply learned skills to different professional settings. You and your advisor work together to choose an appropriate practicum setting.

Throughout the program you compile a portfolio that depicts professional competencies gained and its contents will be assessed as your final project of the program. The comprehensive portfolio includes items such as:

  • A personal statement on your philosophy
  • Values and goals as they relate to the student affairs profession
  • A vita or resume
  • Reflection essays on your learning, development, performance, and academic assessments
  • A professional development plan

You contribute to the portfolio throughout the program, culminating in a final defense in your last semester.


The SAHE degree comprises a variety of courses introducing you to all facets of the profession. Courses are offered Fall, Spring, and Summer, so you can choose how many and which courses fit your work and family schedule.

While none of the classes have prerequisites, it is recommended that EDRM 698 – Research is taken in the first or second semester of classes. You are required to take at least two credits worth of electives during the course of your studies. Most graduate courses offered through Colorado State University Online qualify as electives for your degree, though all are subject to advisor approval.

Online SAHE Curriculum Timeline
Three-Year Completion

Year One


Year Two


Year Three


*Course sequencing does not meet minimum 5-credit requirement for financial aid. Students should consider enrolling in EDUC 686A or elective credit during these semesters.

Practicum Courses

Four credits of EDUC 686A are required. Enrollment in practicum is not permitted during Year One.

Elective Courses

A minimum of two elective credits are required. Students may enroll in elective courses during any semester.

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