Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is organizational development?

Companies, institutions, nonprofits, schools, political parties, and associations are all examples of organizations. Most have some kind of structure or hierarchy, along with a strategy for achieving an overall mission or set of goals. Organizational development is a specialized field of study concerned with the structure, management, and strategic development of organizations.

Why is organizational learning important?

Organizational learning focuses on helping individuals, teams, processes, and entire organizations perform better. By gathering qualitative and quantitative information, experts in organizational learning can evaluate the effectiveness of an organization's structures, processes, and goals. After completing an evaluation, these experts can then recommend specific strategies for improving overall performance across multiple groups or departments.

What can I do with an organizational development degree?

An in-depth understanding of organizational development can be combined with a wide array of prior expertise, including business, healthcare, military, engineering, IT, government, criminal justice, and more. By blending your previous career experience with the advanced knowledge you will gain in an organizational development degree program, you will become more prepared to shape organizational change and make a positive impact.

Is a thesis required to complete this master's degree?

No, you do not have to write a thesis to complete this program. You will, however, be required to complete a large final project and presentation.

Why do I need access to an organization for my coursework?

Assignments in this program are problem-focused, practically applied, and theory-to-practice oriented. To make the most of these projects, you should plan to apply learning to real workplace issues and challenges and obtain the expertise required to make significant contributions to improvement efforts in an organization.

This organizational and human resources development program is skills-based and uses action learning, an educational process in which students study their own actions and experiences to improve performance and acquire knowledge through those actions and practice. In action learning projects, students take concepts and tools from the classroom into their organizations with faculty support. As part of these projects, a great deal of reflection and data is used to consider a variety of potential solutions to complex problems involving human expertise, interaction, and performance.

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