Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization

Course Descriptions

EDOD 506 – Human Resource Development

This course focuses on human resource development as an applied discipline through foundational theory, research, and techniques for facilitating workplace and organizational learning and performance. This course encompasses the identification and evaluation of research studies, definitions, and applied practices important to human resource development-related issues. In addition, you will evaluate past, current, and future issues critical to human resource development.

EDOD 651 – On-Demand Learning-Improving Performance

On-demand learning theories and tools and techniques for developing impactful digital learning objects to create learning objects for the purpose of improving performance. Utilization of learning network to accelerate understanding of course topics and objectives.

EDOD 671 – Establish Relations, Diagnose Organizations

Discover the various phases of the performance consulting process including Entry, Contracting and Diagnosis to address organizational learning and performance issues. This course teaches methods for building and contracting client relationships and allows you to examine current processes and requirements of OD practitioners. The course also teaches how to design effective strategies to conduct diagnoses of organizational learning and performance issues and deliver feedback to clients to effectively close performance gaps. In addition, you will learn the roles, responsibilities, and skills of performance consultants.

EDOD 673 – Plan and Implement Change Interventions

Learn how to plan strategies and facilitate change interventions to improve organizational learning and performance. This course covers the foundational theories and models of planned change, types of change interventions, and organizational barriers to change, including, but not limited to, organizational culture. You will learn how to predict an organization’s ability to incorporate change, its’ level of environmental support, and how to tell whether or not individual members are motivated to support the change intervention.

EDOD 674 – Analyze Workplace Learning

This course draws on foundational theories of HRD to explain the five phases of the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) framework. Using a conceptual framework of organizations, analysis and diagnosis will be explored at the organization, process, and individual/group levels. Different methods of data collection will be evaluated for their contributions to analysis and diagnosis. You will identify a performance problem or issue in an organization they are familiar with and will create a Performance Improvement Proposal that includes a financial benefits assessment.

EDOD 675 – Design, Develop, Implement Workplace Learning

This course covers the basic theories of instructional design and adult learning, as well as the process of designing workplace learning interventions. You will examine and learn to apply instructional design principles, and critique and implement materials and facilitation skills.

EDOD 676 – Evaluate Workplace Learning

This course will teach you the process of evaluating workplace learning interventions and how to interpret and examine satisfaction, learning, and performance results. You will better understand the theory and development of evaluation techniques, the nature and challenges of conducting evaluations with clients, and the performance, learning, and perception domains. Ultimately, you will discover how to formulate human resource development concepts and explain their relation to evaluation issues.

EDOD 677 – Action Learning and Inquiry

This course teaches you to use literature reviews and data collection methods as the basis for diagnosing organizational learning and performance issues through action learning and inquiry. You will cover various approaches to data collection including interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, observations, and document review, and discover appropriate tools and software programs for quantitative and qualitative data analysis. In addition, the course assesses alternative intervention strategies as well.

EDOD 678 – Assess Change Interventions

This course teaches the principles of adoption and institutionalization of change interventions. You will incorporate best practices in applying change management concepts, strategy evaluation, institutionalizing change interventions, models for assessing change, and processes associated with separating yourself as a consultant from the organization. You will learn processes for sustaining change and will examine the psychological processes associated with separating from client groups after lengthy performance consulting engagements.

EDOD 692A – Seminar: HRD Concepts

During this course, you will describe, discuss, and examine current concepts and events in human resource development, to in turn be able to analyze and critique complex topics related to real workplace and organizational learning contexts, and evaluate workplace and organizational learning topics with peers and professionals.

EDRM 698 – Research

Students complete a case-study project that brings together all facets of a strategic organizational analysis including intervention strategies and recommendations.

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